Why your social media marketing strategy does not work?

Why your social media marketing strategy does not work?

Social media platforms are always in flux, and so are the preferences of their users. This push and pull works on its own, and to every action changing Instagram feed rules will encounter a change in behavior by the users. Same goes for social media marketing, which is a constant race to figure out how the platform works, how users see it and interact with it, and finally how to best take advantage of those to achieve your business goals.

There are obviously some best practices to follow, and there are tools to help you out. With some research, care and investment you will no longer look at charts of growing empty engagements, without a guiding light of conversion at the end.  So without further introduction, here is some advice on what to do when your results on social media seem to stagnate.

How many, how big, and when?!

Arcane rules governing traffic on social media platforms are a headache for many marketers. The guidelines that, for example, Facebook offers are at best murky on the details, and nobody has an inside look into social media proprietary algorithms. Therefore a decision on how to plan your entire posting campaign is a vital decision. First, do not spam – in most cases one post per day is enough. Next, remember, that users do not like to read elaborate essays on your product. Message must be delivered quick and in a pill that is easy to swallow. To aid that, social media have character count limits for their posts. Take a minute to research optimal post length for your platform of choice. Do not forget also to calibrate timing of the posts with your target audience, for example Facebook posts fare best when uploaded between 2PM and 5PM.

Repurpose old content

Companies many times sit on terabytes of archives containing many gems that can be used as seeds for a good social media post. And even if you are not willing to go for a fishing expedition on your servers, scroll down! Creating new, original content is good and should constitute the majority of your social media activity, but periodically using old posts is a good way to maximize your efficiency. Just as when you reused that college essay, be careful and know your audience.

Use social media marketing software

What about HubSpot ?

There is a wide variety of apps that are there to both help new users grasp the basics of social media promotion, but also to maximize the efficiency of huge worldwide campaigns. Personally, I am a fan of Sprout Social and we use it here at Apploit, but I have also had great experiences with Statusbrew. Other apps recommended by our users are Hootsuite, Buffer (best for large numbers of accounts) and Sprinklr.

Use the community!

We at Apploit know something about power of the community – after all, the biggest value we bring is a dedicated group of advanced users coming from different walks of life, who give other their time through us. And just as with what you should strive for, the group of “business software thought leaders” provide a huge benefit in terms of enabling wider engagement by standard users, who just happened to have a valid point about a specific functionality.

In marketing this can take several forms – not only purely by asking users to provide their reviews and validate others. For example, use the community to manage a forum or a social media group to serve as your de facto ambassadors of the brand. You still can control the agora there, and you should – until a honor system of some kind takes place, like badges for users who are the most helpful to others

Don’t tell me, show me

The discussion is over – whatever you want to tell your customers, try to make the message visually appealing or maybe even in a visual form. Tweets and posts with images get massively higher interactions and so is on Instagram. Next step is obviously video.


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