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Best survey software on the market

Whether you need to conduct market research, get feedback on your services or products, o maybe just ask your distributed workforce what do they want to do for next weekend get together (if it is a real  BIG get together, that is) – why bother with facsimiles? Go straight for one of the widely accessible,…
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There is more to storage than Dropbox. Check out the alternatives!

Most such advice articles start with a witty paragraph displaying the benefits of X, therefore convincing that users need to do Y. Lucky for the author, it is late 2018 and I decided to write about electronic document storage solutions. If you, dear Reader, have no idea why you would even use one, you are…
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The hype around cryptocurrencies is weird. Let’s talk about it.

There have been dozens of attempts to move financial transactions online, and some were more successful than others, and, like PayPal, are humming along processing billions of dollars. Blockchain advocates and cryptocurrency enthusiasts say they have something better. Do they?   First of all, the technology is not that interesting at all. Let me repeat…
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4 Top project management software

Every manager that dabbles in some project works knows how valuable good software can be for the whole project efficiency and success. Therefore we think it is only due diligence to periodically check upon the best that the fray has to offer, as every feature can bring some marginal benefits that will accumulate long term.…
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