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Why your social media marketing strategy does not work?

Social media platforms are always in flux, and so are the preferences of their users. This push and pull works on its own, and to every action changing Instagram feed rules will encounter a change in behavior by the users. Same goes for social media marketing, which is a constant race to figure out how…
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4 Top project management software

Every manager that dabbles in some project works knows how valuable good software can be for the whole project efficiency and success. Therefore we think it is only due diligence to periodically check upon the best that the fray has to offer, as every feature can bring some marginal benefits that will accumulate long term.…
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4 Best Appointment Scheduling Software on the Market in 2018

Hey, you. Yes, you! It is 2018. Why are you still booking clients by phone?! With the wide palette of appointment scheduling applications out there waiting for you, this should be considered malpractice! Whether you are a small massage parlor with ten dedicated clients, or a multi-location fitness chain, and no matter your budget, you…
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