For Vendors

For Vendors

Identify and connect with Software buyers

Apploit gives your product an efficient platform to generate additional sales. Reaching relevant decision makers is easy when you stand out in your category – present your products through a trusted source, educate the market about your tools and finalize deals armed with precise marketing data on your potential customers.

We work with dozens of software vendors to ensure adequate exposure and sales online. Add Apploit to your channels of promotion, and let us generate revenue for your company.

We can help you showcase your product better

From creative copywriting through giving you space to promote your content, up to detailed analytics – we are here every step of the way to help your product shine. For those who need their services tailored specifically to them – Apploit Business Care program has you covered.


Apploit Basic Affiliate (ABA)

Apploit Business Care (ABC)

Product Profile & Plan providedABAABC
Personalized vendor accountABAABC
Access to managing own product or serviceABAABC
Enhanced search engine presenceABAABC
Thousands Apploit visitors everyday guaranteedABAABC
Possibility to be reviewed & rated – provided by ApploitABAABC
Social Media & Blog PromotionABC
Listed as Recommended productABC
Monitoring & Pixels – Stats & AnalyticsABC
Apploit Care ProgramABC

Apploit Care Program – amplify your Apploit presence with high quality content, like multimedia, which can include videos, slideshows, tagged screenshots, animated content. ACP can also help you in attracting validated reviews and ratings from real users.