4 Best Appointment Scheduling Software on the Market in 2018

4 Best Appointment Scheduling Software on the Market in 2018

Hey, you. Yes, you! It is 2018. Why are you still booking clients by phone?! With the wide palette of appointment scheduling applications out there waiting for you, this should be considered malpractice! Whether you are a small massage parlor with ten dedicated clients, or a multi-location fitness chain, and no matter your budget, you can upgrade your customer interactions today. For you we have researched most popular and best-reviewed scheduling software on the market, and we present four competitors with different advantages on their sides.

 Acuity Scheduling

Acuity is a well designed app that scales easily with your organization. It can be your go-to appointment scheduling tool from the moment you start a single-person operation up to large corporate level, as its paid plans can cover organizations large and small. It even has a free plan for single-calendar operations! However, to get to the basic integrations, which begin to reveal Acuity’ real power, you will have to spend $15 and upward.

 Bookeo Appointments

Bookeo is a bit different from the other apps in this list, as it combines good ol’ calendar features with a built-in marketing tools layer, which make it a quite unique tool for small organizations – and the options there are rich, too. Marketing Campaigns, Pre-Paid gift packages, Vouchers and re-marketing are hardly a standard for a purely marketing tools for that price! Wealth of marketing possibilities and easy social media integration  are all packaged into neat menus, that can be navigated even by completely cyber-illiterate. Users universally praise its embeddable widgets, that can boost your clients experience with your website. Worth noting – new features keep on coming, so next year maybe Bookeo will surprise us again.


If your schedule moves a lot, with drop-outs and slots changing, SimlpyBook.me may be just for you. It truly saves time with how easy it makes to manage your calendar, as well as how many notifications to your customers can be automated. It is improving every year, with more add-ons and functionalities. However, some users complain about second-rate customer support.

Square Appointments

Some believe this is the gold standard of appointment scheduling applications, and there may be something to it. Especially for small organizations without special needs, everything you want is just there. Even if you are a freebie, the features you get are still powerful enough to satisfy both your and client sides. Square Appointments is also way more than just its core feature. It can seamlessly integrate with hundreds of other apps, including Google Docs, many CRMs and marketing automation programs, and even your financial software. One caveat – when comparing to its competitors, Square does lack some of the more advanced features, however think hard, if you will really need those.

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