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Apploit was founded by Framecoders, a rebellious IT company from Poland.

We give buyers the tools to make an optimal decision, and we give vendors an excellent environment to present their products. Apploit features validated user reviews, comparison engine, rich research and multimedia, and it is (and always will be) free for users.

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What is Customer Journey Map & How to create it

Customer journey mapping became a significant part of all customer-oriented businesses or services. Trying to present processes from the client’s perspective, it helps companies understand variable customer behaviours and adjust[…]

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Best survey software on the market

Whether you need to conduct market research, get feedback on your services or products, o maybe just ask your distributed workforce what do they want to do for next weekend[…]

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There is more to storage than Dropbox. Check out the alternatives!

Most such advice articles start with a witty paragraph displaying the benefits of X, therefore convincing that users need to do Y. Lucky for the author, it is late 2018[…]

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